Fort McMurray Service Center

Specialized Oilfield Services for the Oilsands

The Stream-Flo Fort McMurray Service Center, constructed and opened in 2016, contains 24,000 square feet of office and shop space on 6.6 acres of land. Specialized oilfield services for the wellheads and gate valves, including valve greasing, in our customers' oilsands operations are delivered by Stream-Flo technicians who are trained and experienced in high-temperature applications. In addition to being fully equipped to service Stream-Flo products, the Fort McMurray Service Center provides full field and shop maintenance and repair of Master Flo choke valves and control valves. Other oilfield services available through the center include hands-on and classroom training in high-temperature applications, product installation, field support and maintenance of all Stream-Flo products, equipment repair, customer property management, and equipment rentals. Stream-Flo and Master Flo engineers in Edmonton are also easily accessible to conduct training and to work with customers. 

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  • Specialty SAGD wellhead and gate valve inventory, applicable to Fort McMurray regions
  • Fully stocked with all parts for wellhead, valve, emergency shutdown (ESD) systems and choke equipment maintenance

Product Training Center

  • Hands-on and classroom

Service Capabilities

  • 24-hour service for all Stream-Flo Industries products, as well as for all other OEM steamand SAGD equipment
  • Wellhead / gate valve / choke & control valve / check valve / emergency shutdown (ESD) system / etc. greasing and maintenance (on a call-out basis, or scheduled large scale service campaigns)
  • Detailed well location tracking system
  • Comprehensive, customized customer property inventory tracking and reporting system

Field Service Capabilities

  • Two 3-ton service vehicles, each complete with picker, electric and pneumatic tools to accommodate wellhead installation, valve service and other general oilfield services
  • One 2-ton 4X4 service vehicle, with picker, electric and pneumatic tools accommodate wellhead installation valve service and other general oilfield services
  • One ¾-ton 4X4 valve service unit, designed to handle large scale pad and plant valve servicing at a cost effective rate as well as wellhead installs - electric and pneumatic tools
  • Three ¾-ton 4X4 units complete with electric and pneumatic tools for cost effective services where larger trucks are not necessary
  • One grease trailer capable of plant turnaround and large scale pad maintenance
  • Two 5,000 psi top and side entry plug lubricators
  • 15,000 psi top entry plug lubricator available (upon request)
  • Calibrated torque wrenches carried on every service unit
  • Hydraulic torque wrenches available (upon request)

Fort McMurray test bays

Fort McMurray paint

Fort McMurray training