Thermal Services & Support

Thermal Services & Support

Stream-Flo has over 30 years of thermal experience, including the design and installation of the first thermal well pair in Canada. Altogether, the Stream-Flo Group of Companies has the largest team of thermal specialists in the industry, with Engineering and technical support in Edmonton and at our Fort McMurray Service Center along with service crews in the field to ensure our customers have the utmost support and experience at their fingertips.

A wide array of thermal services and products are available from our trained service technicians and service units, including:

  • Wellhead installation.
  • Equipment change-outs.
  • Valve servicing.
  • Torqueing of all wellhead connections.
  • Wellhead commissioning.
  • Choke servicing and installation.
  • Lubricator capabilities for setting and retrieving BPVs and VR plugs for pressures up to 15,000 psi.

With branches located near most thermal projects, service technicians are available nearby to assist on a call-out basis for everything from on-the-spot equipment change-outs to valve service. For larger scale maintenance of your field, we have qualified specialists to handle all your needs.

Our preventative maintenance and routine checks of critical pressure containing devices can also prevent costly production interruptions. This makes including Stream-Flo in your shutdown or turnaround maintenance plan a sound investment.

Actuated Valves & Choke Service & Repair

Our trained service technicians have been trained to repair all of our actuated valves and chokes in the field. For more extensive repairs, we offer in-house services at all of our branches.

Pad Commissioning

Our wellhead and pad commissioning services ensure equipment is installed properly and functioning to the required standard. To ensure all requirements are met, our customers have a final opportunity to make changes before production has begun.

Fort McMurray Service Center

The Stream-Flo Fort McMurray Service Center, constructed and opened in 2016, contains 24,000 square feet of office and shop space on 6.6 acres of land. Specialized oilfield services for the high-temperature wellheads and gate valves in our customers' oilsands operations are delivered by Stream-Flo technicians who are trained and experienced in high-temperature applications. In addition to being fully equipped to service Stream-Flo products, the Fort McMurray Service Center provides full field and shop maintenance and repair of Master Flo choke valves and control valves. 

Download the Fort McMurray Facility Data Sheet