Rental Equipment

Rental Frac Heads, Manifolds, Gate Valves and More

Stream-Flo offers a wide range of frac heads, manifolds, gate valves, chokes, and completion equipment for rental use. To ensure rental equipment delivers consistent performance under the most demanding conditions, all repairs and maintenance are performed by Stream-Flo’s trained service technicians, who inspect all internal components to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Similarly, our Engineering department focuses on continuous improvement of our rental equipment by incorporating specialized materials and overlays for increased longevity of equipment to help lower repair costs.

Other services not mentioned below are available. Please contact your local Stream-Flo specialist for any of your needs.

Frac Heads & Equipment

frac head - ball drop.jpg  frac head - plug and perf.jpg  frac head - coil tubing.jpg

  • Full-range of frac head configurations for ball drop, plug and perf, and coil tubing.
  • Custom frac head configurations.
  • All repairs and maintenance are performed by trained and experienced in-house staff with machine/welding repair and testing capabilities.
  • Competitive rental rates, with both daily and monthly rates available.
  • Flat rate repairs are offered on your frac trees.

Manifold Equipment

  • Manifolds are designed and built to our customers' specifications.
  • Manifolds are designed to make sure that set up and teardown are done in the quickest and most efficient way possible without sacrificing safety.
  • Accumulators, 2 station up to 8 station, available.
  • Fluid analysis programs are used to help size and design your manifold for optimum service and durability.
  • Competitive rental rates, with both daily and monthly rates available.

Rental Inventory

  • Gate valves from 1 13/16” to 7 1/16” for sweet or sour applications, and manual or hydraulic operated.
  • Rated working pressures from 2000 psi to 15,000 psi.
  • Frac equipment from 2 1/16 - 10,000 psi to 7 1/16 - 15,000 psi.
  • In stock 7 1/16” full bore, full opening expanding and slab gate valves in sour and sweet trims ranging from 2000 psi to 15,000 psi.
  • Changeover flanges and spools are inventoried.
  • Plug valves ranging from 2” to 5”(RTJ) flanged, and up to 15,000 psi.