Ball Drop & Wellhead Isolation

Isolation tool product imagePatented Isolation Casing/Tubing Tools
(2 3/8” to 7”)

Our patented FC2K Surface Wellhead Isolation Tool completely isolates surface wellhead equipment during well stimulation operations. The FC2K protects the wellhead components from pressures exceeding the rated working pressure and provides a reliable barrier from frac operations, including pressure and treatment fluids.

Features of Our Tool:
  • Protects the wellhead from corrosion and erosion during stimulation with high acid and/or proppant concentrations.
  • Protects the surface wellhead from stimulation pressures exceeding the wellhead’s rated working pressure.
  • Designed to API standards and operates up to 15,000 psi (103.5 MPa) rated working pressure.
  • Remote control panel keeps operators at a safe distance.

Patented Ball Dropperball dropper

Stream-Flo’s patented ball dropper has a high ball storage capacity. All equipment is rigorously inspected and tested before every job. 

  • Fully trained, certified, and experienced service technicians.
  • Capable of deploying multiple balls of the same size and of all materials, including various thermoplastic, phenolic, aluminum, heavy weight, and dissolvable balls.
  • Designed within API standards.
  • The operator’s control panel is removed from the hot zone and the unit has multiple safety features to protect well stimulations operations.
  • Remote-actuated well control valve allows for safe emergency shutdown for isolation of the well.
  • Remotely operated launch valve protects the staged balls and ball dropper from frac fluids.
  • Highly visible indicators verify ball deployment and display the number of balls remaining.
  • Safety and operational sequence restricts premature launch of balls.