DMLX Wellhead System

DMLX Wellhead System


60 years of integrated wellhead technology offering accelerated installation, scalability, repeatability, and reduced time.

The Stream-Flo DMLX system has been distilled over 60 years, incorporating today’s market requirements; internal latch, offline cementing, quick-connects, and a complete torque-through mandrel package, offering a simple yet sophisticated sequence for our customer’s wellhead systems. DMLX is scalable and repeatable, designed to consider the long-term needs of our customers.

System Features

  • Unitized housing
  • Compact profile
  • Quick connect BOP makeup
  • Internal latch for hangers and packoffs
  • No waiting on cement time
  • Torque through capable
  • Through rotary installation

 Accelerated Installation

  • BOP makeup in 15 mins
  • Offline cementing
  • Tools reduce pipe handling and tool trips
  • Reduced time in cellar
  • BOP connection independently testable

  • Configurable for different casing programs
  • Hangers and packoffs consistent for split and unitized housings and pressure ratings
  • Consistent operations across casing programs and configurations
Well Life Cycle Benefits

  • Thread-on API flanges allows flexibility for production methods
  • Complete well control – Back Pressure Valves in mandrel hangers



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