CFB-T Unitized / Multi-bowl Wellhead System

CFB-T Unitized / Multi-bowl Wellhead System


The CFB-T Next Generation Wellhead System is a unitized / multi-bowl wellhead system designed to provide significant time savings and increased safety in developing shale plays.

  • Range of pressure and sizes to meet your unitized / multi-bowl wellhead requirements.
  • Time and cost savings, combined with increased safety.
  • Manufacturing and extensive inventory in the USA and Canada for quick turnarounds.
  • Available in unitized or split housings.

Through Rotary Installation

  • Eliminates “hot work” and work in confined space to improve safety.
  • No waiting on cement.
  • Load shoulder below outlets to allow testing valve connections internally, and reduces the height of the system.
  • Compact / low profile to reduce cellar depths.
  • Outlet at 90° – Improved flow-by for offline cementing.

Drill Curve Efficiencies

  • RSF quick connect for BOP makes up in minutes without special tools, and provides significant safety advantages.
  • Internal latch design eliminates body penetrations to enhance safety.
  • Off line cementing friendly interface.
  • Standardization of packoffs and tools.
  • Available in most standard casing programs.
  • Field proven casing mandrel hanger rotation tool.
  • Solid mandrel and slip type hangers available.

Life of Well Benefits

  • Thread-on API flanges allow use of industry standard tubing heads.
  • Complete well control – Back Pressure Valves in mandrel hangers.
  • Internal latch, packoffs and mandrel hangers can be easily retrieved.
  • Higher casing load capabilities.



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