Config2 Integrated Systems

Config2 Integrated Systems


The Config2 consists of an actuated gate valve assembly, choke/control valve, access tee, pump control unit, pilot, isolation valve, needle valve and pressure gauge. Trip control devices such as a solenoid can be added. The actuated gate valve is on the upstream end, the access tee on the downstream end, and the choke/control valve is located between the two.

Combining the industry-leading technologies from Stream-Flo and Master Flo Valve in a factory assembled and tested system provides substantial cost savings to assemble and install on-site, faster installation, and a smaller footprint. The Stream-Flo Surface Safety Valve (SSV) provides reliable automatic shutdown in the event of abnormal pressure fluctuations in the flow line due to fire, ruptured line, surface equipment failures/faults, damaged wellheads or other causes. Master Flo’s choke/control valve provides effective flow control at all flow rates, along with superior resistance to sand erosion and body or outlet port erosion.



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