Temperatures are dropping, but not our commitment to service

Nov. 3, 2020

As the temperature drops, the importance of maintenance, greasing, and servicing products in the field will be a top priority.

For over 15 years, our Fort McMurray facility has been serving the Northeastern Alberta region. Our state of the art, newly constructed facility, provides local Canadian service, repairs, and support. Encompassing supply and service to drilling, wellhead completions, gate valves, chokes, and more.

From this 24,000 square foot facility, on a 6.6-acre site, we provide 24-hour support for all Stream-Flo Industries products, as well as all other OEM thermal/SAGD equipment. This facility houses a comprehensive customized customer property inventory tracking and reporting system and is COR certified. Quality assurance and inspection processes, pressure testing, and painting, are all available from this top-of-the-line branch location.  

Our service fleet, consisting of ¾ ton units up to three-ton picker units, are all available for 24-hour support. All units are equipped with GPS tracking, and each service unit has a fully inventoried list of tools and parts required for any application. Grease pumps and toque wrenches are standard on every unit going into the field.

Reach out to your Stream-Flo representative for more information, or email info@streamflo.com

Fort McMurray

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