Surface Safety Systems unveils ESD-EHX

Aug. 10, 2022

The term "smart" gets thrown around a lot nowadays when describing products, often in situations where it isn't warranted. But the latest product launch from Stream-Flo's Surface Safety Systems department isn't just capitalizing on the ubiquitous marketing buzzword.

That's because it actually is smart.

"The Stream-Flo ESD-EHX has been designed to capture and analyze process, actuator-system and ambient data and make the transition from 'automated' to 'remote operated' to 'autonomously operated' based on an operate-by-exception strategy through Edge computing," explains Stream-Flo Surface Safety Systems Product Manager Hugh Flesher.

Combining the expertise of all three companies under the SFG umbrella, the newly unveiled ESD-EHX is set to change the Surface Safety Valve landscape.

The self-contained valve monitoring system is powered by Dycor's SmartVue™ Intelligent Valve Controller (IVC). When paired with a Master Flo choke, the system represents the perfect picture of each company coming together to deliver enhanced value.

Especially when you consider that older emergency shutdown systems (ESDs) can easily be retrofitted to become an ESD-EHX, offering our customers with existing ESDs a more seamless and cost-effective upgrade option compared to having to purchase a whole new one.

"Designing the ESD-EHX and PwrESD to be modular allows end users to upgrade older hydraulic powered ESDs, whether linear or quarter-turn, and bring this equipment into the IIoT Digital Oilfield, thereby supporting digital communications and data analysis for increased safety, process optimization and lower operating costs," outlines Flesher.

By being able to run condition-based monitoring and autonomous operations through the SmartVue™ IVC — along with its ability to be integrated with Stream-Flo's PwrESD integrated compact electro-hydraulic power (EHP) system — the ESD-EHX can be deployed to allow for remote unmanned use.

This major benefit of the system means that someone far away in an office can quickly pull up vital data and send commands to the system based on the information at their fingertips, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming field visits, and the risks that come with them.

"A couple of Stream-Flo's major end users have already purchased the PwrESD for remote control of their ESDs as a means to lower or eliminate the hazards associated with regular and emergency site visits," says Flesher. "The Environmental/Social/Governance (ESG) benefits are secondary, but will gain significance as the trend towards elimination of fugitive emissions — which this system also accomplishes — accelerates."

Encompassing some of the most leading-edge technology and advancements currently available from the SFG, Flesher says the ESD-EHX is poised to be a game-changer as operators turn their attention more and more to the possibilities that field automation presents.

"Surface Safety Systems sees the ESD-EHX as a gateway to further product enhancements and the developments that are required to capture a preferred niche in the upstream energy market, as it moves further towards an Edge and Cloud-based system architecture."

To see the full animation and learn more about the ESD-EHX, head to its product page linked below.

ESD-EHX Product Page

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