Stream-Flo launches DMLX premier wellhead system that features enhanced efficiency, improved time savings and a reduction in safety exposure across the board

Sept. 27, 2021

It’s no stretch to say the DMLX premier wellhead system has been 60 years in the making. After all, that’s exactly why those involved with the project came to select that acronym for it.  

“The ‘DM’ represents Duncan McNeill,” said Stream-Flo USA General Manager Sean Wilcock shortly before the system’s launch. “Duncan McNeill is the founder of our company and we’re all here because of him. The ‘LX’ signifies the company’s upcoming sixtieth anniversary.”

“The DMLX is purely an evolution of our premier wellhead system,” says Wilcock.  

That latest evolution has taken nearly two years of development and tireless collaboration, according to Stream-Flo USA Engineering Manager Steven Buchinski. The latter providing one of the most enjoyable aspects of the entire project.

“That’s the best part of this whole thing,” said Buchinski. “It was a total team effort and I think that’s what makes this all the more rewarding.”

Designed specifically for what operators are doing today, the DMLX system was put together with a major focus on two principles. First, it was designed with the philosophy of making everything as simple as it can be, with things such as offline cementing and quick connectors helping achieve that goal. Second, the DMLX team wanted to ensure the system provided the greatest time savings it could by eliminating as much wellhead installation time from the whole process. “Our objective was to support our clients in working smarter, not harder” says Wilcock.

“We have analyzed every operational step and taken time out of the operation,” said Buchinski. “I think from a system standpoint, that’s where we’re really going to excel. It is a real metric that we’re going to be able to quantify and that is going to set us apart.”

Of course, as the saying goes, time is money. Maybe no more so than in the ultra-competitive and highly tracked world of oil and gas production, where downtime is accurately recorded as a negative value on a company’s balance sheet, to account for the money that’s being lost as a result. Wilcock says the DMLX will reduce total cost of ownership for Stream-Flo customers by reducing time, cost, and safety exposure.

“The DMLX is an internal locking system, eliminating leak-through paths, with probably the simplest yet most sophisticated running tool suite in the market. We have the highest torque-through rating and a streamlined running procedure, reducing operating time, HSE exposure, and cost,” he says. “I’m very excited and proud of the team that have put this together.”

Helping drive that excitement is the fact the DMLX not only represents the latest evolution of Stream-Flo’s premier wellhead system, but also a cultural shift for the company as it moves to greater standardization.

“Standardized equipment means standardized running procedures, it means standardized running sequences in the field — which means less wellhead installation time — it means consistent supply chains, it means manufacturing consistent parts,” said Buchinski. “It’s taking out variability and making things more efficient, not just from a product standpoint, but from every part of the value chain. That’s the exciting part.”

DMLX Stack up “The DMLX suite of systems puts us in the position of being capable to address over 80 per cent of the North American market,” adds Wilcock. “It means we can respond even faster, we can be more lean, more efficient, and more competitive. From a service standpoint it’s a repetitive operation, which means it’s scalable, it’s repeatable, and we’re continually following the same service procedures which means our service quality will escalate.”

The DMLX has already made a pre-launch debut with a Tier 1 IOC customer in the Permian, and Buchinski says they operated flawlessly, with Wilcock adding “What better market can you ask for to demonstrate performance and capability than the heart of Texas!”

“We’ve gotten extremely positive feedback from them,” said Buchinski. “They were commenting on how we saved them time and how they couldn’t believe how quick and simple everything was. It was really rewarding to hear that.”

Wilcock says the field service technicians that have been able to get their hands on the DMLX are also fans of the latest evolution from Stream-Flo.

“The feedback from our service technicians is that every job has been textbook,” he said. “And as a service technician, there’s nothing more that you want than a job to be textbook.”

For more information on the DMLX, click the button below to be taken to its product page.


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