Stream-Flo joins CAOEC as an associate member

April 12, 2022

We are proud to announce that we have joined the Canadian Association of Energy Contractors (CAOEC) as an associate member for 2022.

As the world faces heightened uncertainty around energy security due to recent events, we felt it was important to lend our support to an organization that has been advocating on behalf of Canada’s energy industry for more than 70 years.

Given our service work on and around wellheads — and manufacturing thereof — we felt it was time to join the chorus of voices strongly promoting Canada’s energy sector as one of the jurisdictions where environmental, regulatory, and safety practices are most stringent.

“CAOEC has done some great things recently to reinvent themselves, pivoting toward discussing and promoting energy as a whole, as opposed to strictly confining the narrative to simply oil and gas,” says Stream-Flo Canadian Sales Manager Russ Gardiner. “We are hopeful that this new relationship will prosper into the future and Stream-Flo can be a vital contributor to the initiatives that CAOEC embarks upon.”

With the world currently searching for energy sources unburdened by conflict, political upheaval, or unfair practices, it is our sincere hope that our association with the CAOEC can help with their efforts to better position Canada as a place where stronger energy security can be safely obtained from global players. This includes doing so with the current federal political apparatus within our own borders, which has made exporting our main natural assets a logistical nightmare, with self-imposed hindrances and self-inflicted wounds serving as the main stumbling blocks to the infrastructure that is needed for us to help the world in a meaningful way. 

CAOEC Certificate

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