Our Commitment to Furthering Natural Gas Storage Applications

June 15, 2020

Natural Gas Storage Applications of Stream-Flo and Master Flo equipment

It is a less known fact that the Stream-Flo Group of Companies has extensive experience in natural gas storage and solution mining projects. We have supplied close to 100 projects in Canada, USA, and Europe with our complete offering of wellheads, valving and automated valve systems that ensure fail-safe and on/off operation of wellhead shut-in equipment, that meet full API 6A and 6D certification, ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant, and Nace MR0175.

By collaborating with our sister companies, Master Flo, a leading manufacturer in choke valves, and Dycor Technologies, who develop digital data analytic systems, we are able to offer a range of equipment that meet the needs of the NGL gas storage industry such as:

·         A range of large bore valves and wellhead equipment

·         A variety of sealing options

·         Self-powered, true fail-safe, emergency shutdown systems

·         Advanced monitoring and control systems

·         Choke valve

·         Wafer nozzle non-slam check valve

To find out more about our Natural Gas Storage Applications, click here. 

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