Joint effort sees Surface Safety Systems sell its first automated ball valve

Jan. 25, 2022

A recent shipment from Master Flo UK has set a new milestone for the Stream-Flo Group of Companies.

The delivery contained the first ever automated ball valve package sold by the Surface Safety System department, with it to be used as an emergency shutdown valve for one of our customer’s piping systems.

Given the somewhat new addition of ball valves to the Stream-Flo family of products, this sale marks the first time a hydraulically automated Stream- Flo ball valve has been sold in our 60-year history. And it took a total SFG team effort to accomplish it.

“It took an inspiring amount of cooperation by all involved to get this one over the goal line,” said Stream-Flo Surface Safety Systems Product Manager Hugh Flesher.

The cooperation detailed by Flesher above included Master Flo UK and Stream-Flo’s Valve Business Unit and Surface Safety Systems department working in conjunction to seal the deal.

SSS First Automated Ball Valve Master Flo UK unearthed the opportunity when the customer approached them to see if they would be interested in quoting a hydraulic emergency shutdown system. That set off a chain reaction of cooperation amongst the three groups, with plenty of firsts along the way.

“That includes SAP inter co-transactions, joint non-destructive examination, and overall workflow,” detailed Flesher.

The one-off NPS 4” Class 900 RTJ Crown-Fusion 432 trunnion ball valve with hydraulic spring-return scotch-yoke actuator and SFI hydraulic Pump Control Unit and Hi/Lo Pilot with Isolation test valve — for those who were curious — will play a key role in mitigating any damage to assets, personnel, and the environment in the event of a failure of the piping system it’s connected to.

Flesher notes it also showcases the tailoring of three different SFG units’ expertise to solve a complex customer problem in an efficient way.

“Hopefully the customer appreciates the combined effort, recognizes the quality, considers the value we delivered, and awards us additional business moving forward.”

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