Coolant recycling program reduces water consumption at SFI Edmonton plant by approximately 150,000 litres

July 22, 2021

Results from the coolant recycling program at the main SFI Edmonton plant are in and they are quite impressive to say the least. 

The three-part program sees our centrifugal separator system, coolant management process, and water treatment system work in conjunction to lower the overall environmental footprint of our manufacturing facility. 

Since instituting our coolant recycling program, we have been able to: 

• Reduce water consumption at the main SFI plant by approximately 150,000 litres (20%)
• Reduce contaminated coolant disposal by 60%
• Reduce our coolant concentrate consumption from 11 totes/year to 4 totes/year

Alfie Centrifugal Separator SystemAlfie, the centrifugal separator, has been able to reuse and extend the life of our coolant fluids by over 700% by being able to recycle 85% of our coolant waste.

The second phase of the program —the coolant management process — required us to work closely with our manufacturing cutting fluids supplier of choice, Master Fluid Solutions. The joint effort involved identifying and solving issues such as correct product mix ratios and useful mineral levels and contamination. 

This was accomplished by Master Fluid Solutions allowing us to monitor lab results from samples on a weekly and monthly basis, as we continued to perform our daily checks and balances. Lab results were then tracked, trended, and stored within our new maintenance software program FIIX. 

Because of all the above efforts, we were also able to record:

• Disposal cost savings of $7,700 (2019 = $12,600 to 2020 = $4,900)
• Coolant concentrate savings of $54,000 (11 totes/year to 4 totes/year)

As we continue to move forward with various environmental initiatives such as the coolant recycling program, it’s important to note that none of these results would be possible without the investment and dedication it takes from all levels to see these ideas through to completion. 

In the case of our coolant recycling program, the required investment extended greatly beyond simple dollar amounts for the necessary equipment. 

It required our shop floor personnel and maintenance technicians to invest their time and energy into the whole process, by becoming further trained on the new equipment and corresponding procedures. 

We would like to recognize and thank the following people for their continued contributions in making this coolant recycling program such an environmental and economical success: Steve Idrovo, Rainer Klassen, Reinhold Nestmann, Wally Niessen, Dane McClellan, and Brian Rankin. We would also like to thank Dave Blair and Doug McLean from our supporting distributor Can Star Industrial. 

In the end, the program has allowed us to better manage our coolant consumption, reduce industrial waste, save money, and provide a safer work environment for our employees. 

A great example of how we here at the Stream-Flo Group of Companies are continually striving to reduce our environmental footprint by investing in tomorrow. 

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