Ball valve product line receives API 6D certification

April 13, 2022

Stream-Flo Industries Ltd. is happy to announce that our most recently unveiled product line of ball valves can now be supplied from our Edmonton manufacturing facility complete with the American Petroleum Institute (API) 6D monogram.

In addition to being API 6D certified for ball valves, our gate valves have also been granted this certification. Both now join our check valves in meeting the rigorous and industry-leading standards set forth by API 6D.

Stream-Flo Valve Business Unit General Manager Jim Dietrich, upon receiving the certificate, said it further cements and signifies Stream-Flo’s strong commitment to fully backing its ball valve product line, by incorporating it into our highly regarded manufacturing and quality processes which we have built our reputation on.  

“When you buy a Stream-Flo product, you know you’re getting quality,” said Dietrich. “Being able to now stamp our ball valves with the API 6D monogram will continue the strong tradition Stream-Flo has built over its 60-year history of providing dependable, high-quality products that deliver enhanced value to our customers.”

Ball and Gate Valves API 6D Certificate

Those who look closely at the certificate will see its number is also a marker of the strong reputation Stream-Flo has, when it comes to being at the forefront of designing and manufacturing quality materials and products for the global oil and gas industry.

“Our certificate number is 6D-0008,” says Dietrich. “That means we were the eighth manufacturer ever to obtain the 6D validation from API, continually meeting their exacting standards in the decades that followed. Quality and reliability are so ingrained within our processes, products, and people, that we literally have 30+ years of third-party audits to back it up.”

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