Performance Monitoring

To ensure effective execution and monitoring of HSE performance, industry recognized monitoring practices are documented, implemented and monitored. Performance is tracked monthly by our HSE department and reported to senior management during the regularly scheduled executive management meetings. HSE objectives and metrics are set on an annual basis, and performance is regularly monitored and reported throughout the year. Through continuous performance monitoring, the Stream-Flo Group of Companies can further safeguard our commitment to HSE as a corporate value and guiding principle.

  • Monthly Incident Tracking (all incidents, see list for complete)
  • Senior executive meetings
  • HSE newsletter to all staff
  • Incident trending
  • Near miss reporting
  • Inspection tracking
  • Corrective action closure tracking

The results and findings of monitoring get passed to both management and employees through the following measures:

  • Monthly executive meetings
  • Monthly HSE newsletter
  • Annual HSE audit
  • Annual Safety Stand Down
  • Incident alerts