Incident Reporting & Investigation

In accordance with our HSE Management System and to further our zero-incident initiatives, all incidents, including near-misses, are thoroughly investigated. All incidents are documented and recorded into our specialized safety database for tracking, trending and closure of corrective actions. Incidents are reported up to the Corporate HSE Manager for all recordable injuries and serious incidents, and reviewed with senior management. The root cause is determined and corrective actions are developed and implemented. Additionally, the Stream-Flo Group of Companies has developed a multi-level communication strategy to ensure that all employees and management are informed of incidents, trends, and identified company and industry initiatives. Through our internal communication process, when incident trends are identified, a Safety Alert is sent out globally to all management to hold a Safety Stand Down to address the issue and implement corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence at all Stream-Flo Group of Companies locations.

Incident investigating and reporting are done for all incidents, including but not limited to:

  • Near misses
  • First aids
  • Property damage
  • Motor vehicle
  • Recordable incidents
  • Lost time incidents
  • Fatality incidents
  • Safety observations

For each incident:

  • All parties involved participate in the investigation process, which is led by an HSE (OHS) specialist.
  • Root cause is determined and corrective actions are developed and signed off by management.
  • Incidents are recorded in the safety tracking database to ensure corrective actions are tracked to closure.
  • Incident findings are communicated by incident alerts to prevent similar occurrences in other facilities.
  • Incidents affecting all locations are highlighted in the monthly HSE newsletter.
  • All incidents are reviewed during our monthly manufacturing meeting and toolbox meetings with staff.