HSE Corporate Policy & Standards

The Stream-Flo Group of Companies has a strong focus on HSE as one of our guiding principles and key business processes. We protect the safety of our people in all our operations by adhering to our management plans, policies and corporate values. Corporate HSE Policies and Standards are compliant within all jurisdictions in which we operate, and our standardized Corporate HSE Manual is built on an international standards hierarchal framework that includes:

  1. Corporate HSE Policy
  2. Corporate HSE Standards
  3. Site Specific Standards
  4. HSE Forms

Reporting directly to the President, our HSE team is led by a board certified safety professional with over a decade of education and experience in the HSE profession. Our team of highly qualified safety specialists keeps current on all regulatory, legislative and industry requirements through a commitment to continuing education, training, committee memberships, conferences and safety seminars. To further ensure the health and safety of all those impacted by our operations, we constantly enhance our Safety Management System through the continuous improvement process of HSE auditing, inspection, corporate standards review, and the annual development of key HSE initiatives.

  • Global standards are developed by the HSE team to the highest standards in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • Corporate standards are reviewed by HSE team and operations group, approved by the Corporate HSE Manager and rolled out for implementation.
  • The HSE team continually reviews legal requirements and identifies new industry standards that positively impact our HSE performance and culture. This is done through various methods, such as:
    • Professional input from the fully qualified HSE staff.
    • Canadian Society of Safety Engineers chapter meetings.
    • HSE conferences and professional development seminars.
    • Enform member meetings.
    • Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) member meetings.
    • Enform Industry Recommended Practices (IRP).
    • Legislation review.