At Stream-Flo we believe that we have a duty to be environmentally responsible. Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our Corporate HSE Management System and we continually work to reduce our environmental footprint. The HSE Management System uses the risk management tools to proactively address environmental issues in our facilities and on our customer locations. The Stream-Flo Group of Companies has an evolving commitment to environmental stewardship and our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate. Our HSE Management System is now ISO 14001-2015 Certified.

ISO 14001-2015 Certification

Outlined below are some of the initiatives we have undertaken to make a positive impact on the environment:

  • Stream-Flo’s remanufacturing operations assist producers by remanufacturing and/or reselling equipment locally and worldwide.
  • All used office paper and cardboard are separated in bins and sent for recycling by a third-party waste management company.
  • All scrap metals, including machining and drilling chips, are collected and recycled by a third-party scrap metal recycling company.
  • All used carbide inserts and drills are collected and recycled by a third-party metal recycling company to reduce waste.
  • All used oils are collected and picked up by an approved oil recycling company.
  • All used machine coolant is collected, segregated and disposed of in an environmentally recognized process.
  • Machines have oil separators to separate oil from coolant to allow the recycling of fluids.
  • An approved hazardous materials recycling company is contracted to properly recycle and/or dispose of all used paints and thinners.
  • WHMIS charts are posted for all employees to read the instructions on how to use a product and properly dispose of it.
  • When possible, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products (i.e. cleaners, etc.) are utilized to replace  more environmentally harmful products.
  • Stream-Flo field service personnel adhere to a policy whereby no work related materials are left behind (oily rags, boxes, etc.) and any other environmental hazards noted on the work site are reported to the operator.

All environmental incidents are investigated through our HSE department and meaningful corrective actions and preventative actions are implemented.