Continuous Improvement

Keeping our pledge to preserve HSE as a corporate value and guiding principle for the Stream-Flo Group of Companies requires a solid commitment to continuous improvement. We cooperatively work with local regulators, industry peers, and other association partners to create superior HSE performance, helping us achieve and maintain our continuous improvement culture. To prevent incidents and to meet our customers’ needs, we have a fully integrated Safety Management System that is certified and registered with numerous contractor/supplier management databases. As well, Stream-Flo has active participation within oil and gas industry associations. We continue to develop key HSE initiatives to drive continuous improvement. Some examples of these key initiatives are:

Computer-based online HSE training

  • Accessible at all locations for training employees.
  • All employees have access globally.
  • New training modules are developed and added to enhance our HSE performance.
  • Supports the Safety Management System for the Corporate HSE Policy review and Corporate HSE Standards acknowledgement by all employees.

Implementation of the latest technology in personal gas monitoring program

  • Calibrated and maintained equipment to alert employees to potential hazards while on worksites.
  • State-of-the-art personal gas monitors to measure and track employee exposure.
  • Real-time data and reporting to all managers and supervisors, which is tracked daily.
  • Utilized for exposure monitoring on our customer sites and in our facilities.
  • Assigned to individual employees, data is stored, tracked, and reviewed.
  • Online system tracks the life, health, and performance of the monitor.

Hand injury reduction program

  • The hand injury reduction program has been incorporated into the Corporate Standard.
  • We experienced a 35% reduction in hand and finger injuries following implementation.
  • We continue to focus on hand safety as it remains the leading cause of injury within the Stream-Flo Group of Companies.

Ongoing education, training, and further PPE training continue to enhance this program and drive injury and incident reduction.