Oil & Gas In Your Everyday Life

Oil & Gas In Your Everyday Life

Most people think of oil and gas as the fuels that power our cars and heat our homes. However, petroleum products have become integral parts of our everyday lives. Everything from synthetic fabrics in our clothes to medical supplies and equipment that save lives are made out of petroleum products. On this page you'll find a number of resources that describe how much we rely on oil and gas. Even the computer, tablet or mobile phone you're reading this on is made out of petroleum products!


This informative site, www.oilandgasinfo.ca, was created by the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (of which Stream-Flo is a member). On it, you'll find a number of videos and other information on petroleum products, how they're responsibly produced, and how they get from the ground to your car's fuel tank, your home's furnace and made into the synthetic materials we touch every day.

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