Our Culture

Our Culture

Our Guiding Principles describe key partnerships and core values that are of fundamental importance to the manner in which we operate as a company. In addition to our Guiding Principles, Stream-Flo’s culture is defined by the following characteristics:

Customer Focus

We define success when a customer is truly satisfied. As a result, we continually aim to meet or exceed customer expectations. We know we have hit the mark when we achieve the objective of a fully satisfied customer.


Giving back to our communities is a win-win proposition for Stream-Flo, our employees and the various communities that we work in. Stream-Flo is proud to support a variety of charitable organizations, educational institutions and scholarship programs.


Enjoying our jobs and being proud of the company we work for is linked to our ability to excel at what we do, both as individuals and as an organization. Our goal is to position both our employees and Stream-Flo for success, and to creating an environment where people enjoy being part of a winning team as a result.


We understand that to gain a competitive edge and to meet the demands of the market, the manner in which we work together must set us apart from the competition. In all that we do, we strive to demonstrate a commitment to teamwork.

Positive Work Environment

We all spend a lot of time at work, so our work relationships are important. We are proud of the fact that it is not uncommon for our employees to describe their work environment as being part of a “big family”. Every employee represents a network of key relationships both inside and outside the company, and we desire to support a positive work environment.


All work and no play is not a lifestyle we want for our employees. As a result, we encourage our employees to get involved with initiatives such as the Edmonton Corporate Challenge, Social Club events, and informal activities with their colleagues at the local level.


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